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Learning from McDonald's Social Media Mistake

art mcdonalds 420x0

 On January 24th McDonald’s used Twitter to introduce its fans to the farmers who supply the beef, lettuce and potatoes to this fast food icon. It promoted #meetthefarmers hashtag on Twitter, linking to videos that feature the farmers. This morphed into the chain promoting the #McDstories hashtag which had to be withdrawn after just 2 hours because of a hateful frenzy of tweets. 

Super Bowl Ads 2012: Mason's Favorites

Here Weego

Super Bowl 2012 attracted an average of 111.3 million viewers which makes you wonder, how many of those viewers tuned in just for the commercials? Although the Mason consensus was that the ads were not as exciting as the previous years there were still some commercials that stuck out. Here are some of the opinions expressed around the water cooler.

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