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Myspace Making a Social Media Comeback


Those who thought Myspace was a thing of the past could be wrong! Myspace is reemerging and new owners, Chris and Tim Vanderhook, plan to make it popular once again. Myspace now has a new design and focus, seeking to gain popularity with emerging artists hoping to be discovered. And with names like Justin Timberlake, one of the principal financial backers, Myspace has a chance of becoming popular again.

Third Time’s a Charm? Facebook’s Potential Smartphone Launch

mark zuckerberg on the phone 532x816

According to The New York Times, Facebook may be launching a smartphone in the near future. If rumors are true, this will be CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s third attempt at integrating his social media platform with phone hardware. After failed past attempts, it is reported that the company has hired former Apple software experts and hardware engineers to help develop the new smartphone. It appears as if Zuckerberg has finally come to the realization that he needs the expertise of those who have previously worked with successful products such as the iPhone and iPad, to get his hardware right this time around.

Flipboard: A Digital and Personalized Social Media Magazine

Flipboard video 1764436c

The Flipboard application, found on the iPad and iPhone, is part social media and part news aggregator and completely makes social networking life easier. It takes your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds and organizes them in a nice, easy to read layout.  Think of it as your own personal social media magazine - and it’s free! Users have the option to read from pre-populated lists that’s loaded with content from their personal Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as other social sites on a variety of topics.

Facebook Timeline white paper

Facebook Timeline Changes

March 30th is the official switch to Facebook Timeline and in order to get you and your business page prepared we've created an informational white paper. You can download it here

New Social Media White Paper Available for Download


If you’re considering a social media program for your organization, then this is a must read that will show you the necessary steps before you get started. Just like any other marketing program, you need to develop a plan before launching. Our new media manager, Derek Beere, provides an in-depth guide that is now available for download. “The 5 Steps to Starting Your Social Media Program the Right Way” is available for download on our website or by clicking the button below.

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